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Default On court viewing of high speed video.

Greg G, Now that you have high speed video and, I guess, can view it stop action on the LCD screen at the courts -

When I started high speed video I would practice, say, for an hour taking, say, 6-10 serves in a clip or 30 seconds of forehands and then go home and view my high speed videos on the camera or a computer. It was not unusual that, in the first video of a stroke of a 60 minute practice secession, I could see an obvious flaw. For example, not enough back swing and body turn on the forehand. Or, on the serve, not having the edge of the racket toward the ball when the racket first starts up to impact, etc. These flaws are easy to see. Often, I had practiced with these flaws for an hour!

I now try to review my strokes frequently on court, say, every 5 minutes, and make on-the-spot corrections of obvious flaws.

Now I am considering going even farther and looking at my strokes every 2-3 practice hits. This would be a very cumbersome and unpleasant way to practice. ?

Anyhow, maybe you want to consider your use of single frame stroke analysis on the courts.

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