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^^^ That may have come across as a d'bag comment, so allow me to clarify:

Back in the '70s, I picked up a Wilson T-2000. I was probably 13 or 14 at the time. This was before graphite and larger head sizes became the norm. Other than the original Prince Classic and Pro, most everything was ~65 sq. in., probably wood, with a handful of metal and composites here and there. The composites and graphites were pretty pricey at the time.

For reasons unknown, I adopted a Connors-type of style, 2HBH, which wasn't my game at the time. It was particularly weird, because I wasn't much of a Connors fan. Didn't like his style, his attitude on-court, but it was also my first metal racquet.

My results suffered, played like crap, and worked way harder than was necessary, with lousy matches. Club ranking dropped as well.

Changed racquets, got my old game back, got back to more Ws than Ls, regained proper spot on club team.

Probably should have gone to the old Head Professional (aka Red-Head) instead of the T-2000 for a first metal racquet.

Sidebar: after the T-2000, I picked up an odd-duck wood racquet that I'd never seen or heard of before, or since. The brand was Cordozova. Played some of the best tennis of that part of my life with it. My heart broke when it did, as I never found one to replace it. Like the T-2000 that preceded it in my racquet history, my mom got it for me at a Luria's / Service Merchandise type of store.

Would love to find another Cordozova, if only for the nostalgia, and to add to my collection.

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