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Originally Posted by Anaconda View Post
As for the match, Safin is nightmare match-up for Sampras; Passes like a gunshot (powerful and accurate), can out hit Sampras from the baseline and can have those crazy return games as well as being a superior mover. I think the only surface Sampras would be able to beat an in-form Safin would be grass.
eh,no , safin would have trouble vs the sampras first serve unless he was absolutely zoned in ala USO 2000 ...... and he's in no way a superior mover to sampras ...

also , while safin was a good passer, unless absolutely zoned in, he wasn't close to the likes of agassi/hewitt/federer/nadal in that dept ...

as far as in-form play is concerned, safin beats sampras on slow HC/clay, sampras easily beats him on grass, edges him out indoors (HC/carpet ) ..... medium-to-fast HC would be a tossup ...
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