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Originally Posted by TCF View Post you and me tennis can be hard work for kids and not all fun and games. But we still need people to play against along the way.

The majority can choose other sports or just play tennis casually. If the parents think the USTA changes take the fun out of tennis, they have the options of moving on. Very few look at tennis with our goals.

So if we only look at junior tennis as hard work, no fun, goal of being a pro, and eliminate the attraction for every one else, the 12s-16s will have about 2 kids at each tournament.
I think you (and Lew) are misinterpreting what was meant by "fun". At this level, we're not talking about cookies and T-shirt fun, we're talking about the fun of battling through large draws, meeting up with many rivals, keeping connections that may be useful someday, etc.

Someone said above that the "soul" is being taken out of these tournaments. I think that says it much better. Events need to be electric, exciting, challenging, and make kids feel like they are competing for something worthwhile, instead of just slogging it out for Dad.
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