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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
And you know how exactly that he would have lost those matches?. There's certainly nothing to indicate he would have lost to Fed or Murray. Or Roddick.
much more likely scenarios than nadal having 'birthright' over those majors and hence supposedly "donating" federer/djoker 5 or more slams since wimbledon 2007 .... did you even read the post I responded to ?

and yes, plenty of things to indicate a high chance that he wouldn't have won those slams

his confidence was shattered after the RG loss in 2009, he wouldn't beat federer/roddick in the form they were in wimbledon 09 unless he was at his very best, in which case he'd have a chance ; he wouldn't be at his best given the RG loss ...

murray clearly outplayed him in AO 2010 & USO 2008

given he was in pretty good form in USO 2012 & AO 2013 , he'd have a good chance of beating rafa there as well ...

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