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No argument there. This was about the comments on tournament changes taking the soul of of them. For those who have been to a major, the atmosphere is electric, big draw, the best players, buzz all over the place, tons of entertainment for fans... and yes, the biggest challenge in tennis. Isn't that what the end goal is for national level juniors? Wouldn't you want to inject some of that instead of watering it down, which is what the poster was saying.
There is a sense of excitement at a big tournament versus a 32.

Usually the location is better, stringing, concession, goodies, lots of kids,
different friends to hang out with, lots of tennis to watch and usually better viewing.

Those are the factors that seem to make it more fun instead of showing up at a small location
to pretty much play the same kids you just saw at the last regional who you also happen to see at your sectional.
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