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Originally Posted by Duncan Bell View Post
Here we go - Premier time.

Draw is 56S, top 8 get a bye to second round.

Points to defend:

Vika 900
Serena 0
Maria 0
AgRad 395
Kerber 70
Errani 0
Kvitova 0
Woz 0
Stosur 620

Li Na misses out because of injury.

So - will the Glorious Vichka rise again on her harpy wings to emerge Vichtorious once more, emitting a howling of blessing upon RedFoo as she does so?

Or will Queen Serene, Sugar-P or someone else ruin the party?
There are serious points on the table here, and it looks like the Pastel Trousered One will have to win if she is to remain head of the table.

Who are we excited to see in this one? I can't wait to see more of the Sloane Ranger, and of course hope Laura continues to improve.

Remember, strong is beautiful.
how many points does the winner get?
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