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Originally Posted by isilra View Post
Today i have played with a coach and i was playing way better than i used to do with my friend because he was feeding me with regular, fast balls, not moonballs. I was positioning better, chasing the ball better, coiling/uncoiling better and i can't do these when i play with my bud.
You will actually be playing better when you can do all that against your friend or any other moonballer. It is much easier to play well when every ball coming at you is cleanly hit, like your coach was hitting.

Although you should try to find other people to hit with (so you don't die of boredom playing the moonballer lol) you should play your friend as much as possible until you are able to beat him easily.

Even though he is your friend, when on the court just think of him as a ball machine set on a special "moonballer" setting.
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