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Originally Posted by dafinch View Post
The day of semi finals, against Bird Bytche, NYC had TWO tornadoes, and the winds effectively made his serve, which had been a big weapon, a non factor. If you don't consider that extreme conditions, well, I don't what to tell you. The conditions were not THAT bad for the final, but they were bad enough-and Nole was at a severe disadvantage in having one day's less rest. To be fair, Murray adapted to the conditions better than his opponents, and Nole having less rest was just bad luck, but to pretend that those two factors were a) normal and b) didn't impact the results is just plain silly.
Well, if you want to play it that way, fine. But the same goes for Berdych and Djokovic too. If they had won those matches, then you must be prepared to acknowledge that those same factors would have had to impact their results because they would have been the ones to have adapted better and not Murray!

Players have to adapt their games to all kinds of different surfaces and conditions. The best players succeed in doing so. The lesser players don't or can't. It's that simple!
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