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This thread is only for those who take tennis equipment in a serious way and stick with something once it works no matter how old, cheap or ridiculous it is.
This is not for those who are continuously tinkering with string and racquets.
It's for those who play competitive tennis and have been using the same racquet line for years and the same strings, changing only the tension. If you are one of those who evolve in the court and not tinkering with the your gear this is where you post your approved stuff.

Racquet: Wilson Jack Kramer ProStaff. That's right, wood.
Strings: Wilson Gut
Shoes: Converse All Stars. Black canvas
Shorts: White cotton, 3" length
Shirt: Lacoste white cotton
Socks: White cotton
Headband: White cotton

No over grip, or dampener. Real old school.

I guess this makes me real serious.
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