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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
No that's a knot I just made up here is a thread on the VS Starting knot. It also makes a very good tie off knot.

Lakers4Life take a look at post #20 in that thread. Do you think Nadal plays with a wood racket? Evidently they are still being used even on the pro tour. Some stringers do not want to use a starting clamp to start crosses.
I don't know what your referring to, because this is Post #20 in that thread:
Originally Posted by stringwalla View Post
Witnessed this being done on Nadal's frame. Blast 15 @55lbs.

Stringer was worried the starting clamp was damaging (crushing) the Blast at that bend and might cause premature breakage.

Love the Wilson knot for it's look and ease of application-
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