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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
I believe a real racquet would alter the swing a bit (for the better). The pole is too light and whippy. But I felt it was a good tool for showing which way the butt was pointing.

Yes I shifted to a semi western, so I understand the racquet face should be more closed vs fed, more djoko like, and I try to feel that in court.

Speaking of grip, I may be a bit choked up on the forehand as well. Since you pointed that issue out on the backhand, I tried moving the forehand grip further out too, which seems to allow easier access to the ssc.
yes. you'll get more rhs and better ssc if you hold the racquet all the way on the end of the butt like this:

The problem I see starts with your takeback. If you want to do the roddick takeback that's fine but then you'll have to make the proper adjustments at the end of the takeback if you want to get into optimal position.

as it is now, this is not happening. everything looks good until about frame 5 or so. Ideally at this point you should just rotate forward with a loose wrist. As has been discussed previously and as shown by Heath and other instructional videos and articles the racquet at this point should go down and back.

Down and back. It goes down because your racquet head should be above the wrist OR when you rotate forward you are lifting up.
It goes back and points behind your body because you have a loose wrist and the racquet head is pointing at that 45 degree angle we discussed before.

But, this is not what is happening in your sequence here or in your vids. After image 5 and on through to image 10 your racquet head actually goes up! You are using your wrist (when it should be loose and neutral) and you are manually supinating your forearm (when it should be neutral or in other words just maintain it's pronated position in image 5). This kills your ptd.

So in other words after your "mint" position in frame 5 you begin to do an old school "loop takeback" like chico9166 does. You do this using your wrist and your forearm which means they won't be loose and they won't be in pat the dog position as they were in frame 5 so you won't get racquet lag or ssc or very little at most.

When you reach your frame 5 position then you should just rotate and go forward. frames 6-11 are unnecesary and detrimental.

Also, I guess it's personal preference but your Roddick takeback doesn't really help because when you reach frame 5 position the racquet head is pointed, imo, too far forward towards the net. From that position the head has to get behind the wrist so that's probably why you do the extra loop take back steps. If you do less roddick then your racquet head position when frame 5 is reached will be pointing less towards the net like fed,djoko, nadal, safin, stosur, kohlschreiber, tsonga etc. etc.. in other words: EVERYBODY. that roddick position is no good.

look at this fed vid: When he reaches your frame 5 position his racquet is not pointing towards the net. He immediately rotates forward. His racquet goes down and back. Not up, over, down and sideways as yours does.
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