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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
'Sharks Sports & Entertainment also own a 500-level tournament in Memphis that also has a women’s event with it. When a group from Brazil made a lucrative offer to buy that tournament, the Sharks decided to move the San Jose event to Memphis because of better logistics.'
Originally Posted by jonnyjack View Post
Yeah, as Moose Malloy mentioned in his post. Essentially, San Jose 250 moves to Memphis as a 250. The current combined men's/women's Memphis tourney moves to Rio where it will be a 500 tourney for the men. That's the info I got from articles I read a few months back.
ok, thx guys for the info.

will be interesting to see how they schedule all this: if they don't change anything there could be 2 straight tournaments played in brazil...

and what about the surface ? sao paulo is an indoor clay event... what would be rio played on ?
(anything to do with olympic facilities, by the way ?)
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