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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Dan, Most of Rosewall's opponents were actually very strong: Laver, Gonzalez, Sedgman, Hoad etc. I concede that players like MacKay and Ayala were not quite as strong but still strong. Even Mike Davies and Robert Haillet were fine players.
Davies and Haillet in the early sixties could be compared to perhaps Giammalva and McGregor in the late fifties. I think that Hartwig and Rose were playing above this level.

Gonzales, Sedgman, and Hoad were already past peak by 1961, and Segura, who provided Rosewall's toughest opposition at Wembley, was 40 years old by this time.

Kramer could not put a tour together for 1962, as Laver had refused to sign after Wimbledon, and there was literally no one left to play.
If Laver had not turned pro, the pro tennis circuit would have ceased to exist.
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