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Originally Posted by scotus View Post
Gosen Sorbothane Grip. 1 mm thick.

Discontinued but not impossible to find.
Let me clarify: When I say I want a thin grip, I'm basically looking for just slightly thinner than average. I'm looking to add an overgrip and only slightly increase the size. A 1 mm thick grip seems like it would decrease the size of the grip, even with an overgrip.

Originally Posted by corners View Post
Three grips mentioned here I've tried, all about the same thickness.

Cushion: resithin > dnx > skinfeel

Tack: skin > dnx >> resi

Texture: dnx > resi > skin

Slippery when wet: resi >>> dnx > skin
Assuming I'm adding an overgrip, would any of these have any affect other than cushioning? Would any of these wear down with an overgrip on top?
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