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Originally Posted by jgrushing View Post
Dude! Finally someone who's had a KM longer that me (21 years). All original equipment? Replaced any clamps? The clamps 20 years ago, though they looked the same, were not lifetime guaranteed. I've replaced one. With that exception, everything is original. Forgot that I did change to the knobs on top from the wing nuts but that was really just for looks.
Had to replace one clamp right at 20 years and the new one from Klippermate has much better action than the original. Also around the same time frame one of the bolts broke on the drop weight string clamp mechanism which i had to drill and tap out to replace. There really is almost nothing to go wrong on such a simple unit and I like how easy it folds up to store in a closet.

I fully agree with others that there is nothing like working with a fine piece of equipment and if I strung for others you pretty much need an upright for the ergonomics. But in my case for my personal rackets it never made sense to upgrade. The drop weight avoids calibration issues associated with a spring unit and the lower cost electronics have performance issues. You can also mount very quickly on the KM and I never have issues with a properly adjusted speed clamp. I get absolutely consistent string jobs time after time.
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