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Originally Posted by rolliges View Post
This pattern looks more "right" on the Bosworth frames.

I'm curious about the purpose and tensions. I can only guess that on Lendl's racquet the black poly is at a lower tension and the outer strings (gut?) is strung a bit tighter.

Any thoughts?

What are the advantages to using two piece vs. four pieces?

I know someone to ask, but it'll be a week or so.
I can't answer those questions but I can string the pattern. I think the main reason is for looks. There could be some playability advantages to varying the tensions on the two strings but I have my doubts.

I do think two strings versus 4 strings will have a lot less tension loss. The black string was 24' long and the white string was 17'. You won't find a lot of rackets with 8 tie off grommets either. Most have only 6. I used the tie off at 5H, 11T, 11T, and 6T.
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