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Originally Posted by tennis34 View Post
Thanks for a quick reply!
What is Category 1 seating? Is that the cheapest seats?
What does General Admission gets you - ground passes to the smaller courts?
And the most important question: Do you know what time does the ticket sale start? Midnight French time - or later ?
They go on sale tomorrow morning PARIS will have to log in after 12 midnight in the US.

The 3 show courts - Chatrier, Lenglen and No.1 (the bullring) have seats designated Cat 1, 2, 3 based on how good and close the seats are (except for No.1 court that becomes General Admission after the first weekend). Of course Cat 1 are the best and taken within minutes during the FFT sale. court 1 really has no BAD seats due to the size - Lenglen is newer and has excellent sight lines even for some Cat 3 areas..........

After the 1st Monday or Tuesday the Court No.1 is no longer a "show" court and the doubles and legends events take place when that happens NO.1 becomes open to General Admission and is first come........General Admission gets you all the courts EXCEPT Chatrier and Lenglen........during the first week it's a great deal as you have tons of matches on outside courts.

We are all FFT members in my family and we max out and buy as many seats as we can for friends on seats we can't use......others we re-post on VIAGOGO. Just about every FFT member buys the max amount of seats and does same.

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