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Originally Posted by rolliges View Post
This pattern looks more "right" on the Bosworth frames.

I'm curious about the purpose and tensions. I can only guess that on Lendl's racquet the black poly is at a lower tension and the outer strings (gut?) is strung a bit tighter.

Any thoughts?

What are the advantages to using two piece vs. four pieces?

I know someone to ask, but it'll be a week or so.

I think that he does this pattern in order to have a more solid feel on the sweet spot and to have a softer feel on the if he makes an off hit.

The tension I can't tell what it is because it's based on his preference.
If I was him I would put a lower tension on the poly(sweet spot) and put a tighter tension on the gut but I would not make more of a tension change of 2lbs.

Those are my thoughts.
Hope this helps answer your question.
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