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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
When I was a 3.5 ... I was terrible at the net but did not know it. I felt like every volley needed to be put away for a winner because after all you were close to the net and it was the easiest shot in the game .... RIGHT?

However, after a extensive work with a pro my net game is vastly improved. I have become better at volleys and with that realization came this.

Only a special player can hurt you while hitting up from short in the middle of the court. If you can volley or hit a groundy that they have to play from the the T and hit up you will always be in control of the point. I have often hit two, three of four balls right back at the T until the opponents lifted the ball and gave me an easy put away for a winner.

Learning to volley has given me patience ... and patience is why I am no longer a 3.5.
Hm, I see.

I think returning volleys require luck, timing, and precision.

If your trying to crush the ball, I could just try to return the volley with a simple lob over you; which would require you to re-position at the baseline. With this, you would most likely hit a weak shot, or miss it altogether (if you reach the ball in time). If you didn't I could just move to the net and take control of the point now.

Just because you are at the net, doesn't mean that you will win the point just from smashing the ball. In some cases, you may miss! Plus, other players may have a faster reaction time to you do~ in other cases, they don't.

NTRP rankings are just a label.

Like I said before, I just don't understand the concept of it. I assume you are a '4.0-5.0'. What does that mean? There is a difference between an average player like that or a strong/weak '4.0-5.0' player.

And depending on the caliber of the opponent, he/she can play so well, that you look like a someone who doesn't look like a '4.0-5.0' player.

I may be trailing off on here, but looks can be deceiving.
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