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Originally Posted by ohplease View Post
- but that's no the point. The point is how much less annoying the whole process is.
Well, it is a valid point. I like my X-2 because it delivers consistent results from time to time. However, I wish the mounting process is easier, the clamp is fixed instead of flying, an easier way to tell if the lever is level (enough). Because of these, I have been looking around, eagnas logic-90, ML100 are among them.

On the other hand, I restring my racquets once every two weeks or so. So the volume is limited. One thing I am afraid the most is if the upgrade fell short my expectation after having it, or there is maintainance issue involved (the X-2 is simple enough that I don't expect it can break.) going forward.

I guess if I will ever upgrade, it must be because I can't resist the tempation.
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