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Originally Posted by caro14 View Post
Thanks everyone for the thoughtful replies. I appreciate it.

I like this. I think this is a really good point that gives me food for thought. While I think it was more than 5 bad calls, at least double that, it was the drama surrounding the calls and the intentional manner of them. The bad caller knew she could make the bad calls and there was nothing we could do about it. The drama and bad caller's attitude got in our heads. It did fluster us and it did hurt our game. We normally play a more aggressive game, instead we backed off. We were very much in our heads.

There is a lesson here for me. And the lesson is that there is probably nothing I could have done to stop bad caller from making bad calls. I can only fix my reaction to the calls. I should have reacted to her less and just played my game. My partner and I lost the match and we never should have. It shouldn't have even been a close match.

In short, Tennis is a psychological sport. If you display or contain emotion, you are more likely to lose; Bottom line. That's why Boris Becker stopped playing. There's people here with a quote from him, but I don't know where though.

And your welcome.
You don't compromise convictions to be compassionate- Rick Warren
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