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Originally Posted by max View Post
You know, it's interesting how our tastes and interests and concerns can change.

I used to keep a close eye on the Guild guitars being sold on e---bahhy. And salivate over some of them.

Just this morning, I took a look in that area after having stopped this practice about a year ago. . . and, nada, no thrilling adrenaline rush! no pitter-patter of admiring heart beats.

I'm pretty good on guitars. Time's gone by and I realize I don't need another one.

For me, it would be great fun to have a shiny, good-smelling, bright new machine to toy with. And fun, too, to learn how to use it. Fun.

But I suspect there are other joys that would be more enduring for me, and a new stringing machine would be transitory, and my mule of a Klippermate will just keep plodding on doing a great job for me when I need to use it.

For me, the thing's have fresh strings, rather than dead ones, and a Kmate does the trick here.
This is how I feel these days about some other hobbies (namely computers). Passion isn't there for certain aspects of it... next one I'm looking at is 3D printers/rapid prototyping

Originally Posted by tennis4 View Post
Well, it is a valid point. I like my X-2 because it delivers consistent results from time to time. However, I wish the mounting process is easier, the clamp is fixed instead of flying, an easier way to tell if the lever is level (enough). Because of these, I have been looking around, eagnas logic-90, ML100 are among them.

On the other hand, I restring my racquets once every two weeks or so. So the volume is limited. One thing I am afraid the most is if the upgrade fell short my expectation after having it, or there is maintainance issue involved (the X-2 is simple enough that I don't expect it can break.) going forward.

I guess if I will ever upgrade, it must be because I can't resist the tempation.
I'd recommend getting a cheap/small bubble level module and use some hot glue to attach it to either your dropweight bar or the gripper. should be a pretty easy mod
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