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Yea that looks better.

A couple of things:
maybe this is just because you are shadow swinging but in that last vid you are starting to rotate forward while you are still in the takeback phase. Your torso is opening up while you are still moving your racquet back. Your arm should be already as far back as it's going to go before you start to rotate the torso. A pro's arm is back is usually all the back as far as they are going to take it and it's dropping down to get under the ball before they start to rotate. Look at the last vid of fed i posted for an example.

Also, your arm is slightly 'disconnected' still. What you want to get is 'racquet lag', not 'arm lag'. when you rotate forward your arm is too far behind your body so you are losing leverage and power their. maybe control too. Pause your vid somewhere in the 6 sec range. You can see your upper arm is behind your body. That upper arm segment should be pretty much right on the side of your body. There should be just about a straight line from your shoulders down to your elbow. That upper arm moves with the body.

Look at this fed vid. See how his upper arm is moving exactly in line with his torso and shoulders? They are 'connected'. The forearm and racquet lag behind. Not the upper arm. This way lets you use the shoulder and pectoral muscles for power at contact. When your arm lags behind like that you lose that connection with those large muscle groups. Kind of like how chico's imaginary hamster students are taught.

fed connected arm:

it's easier to see here with novac:
djoko connected arm:

This is also facilitated by 'leading with the elbow'. The elbow goes before the forearm. You can see fed leading with the elbow although it's harder to see because of his straight arm but it's there. You can see it easier with bent arm fh's like djoko.
Also when your arm is disconnected it causes you to rotate too much before contact. Look at your vid. Your chest has past facing the net and is starting to face towards the left side fence when you make contact. This is because you are 'disconnected'. Look at fed and djoko. They are facing the net or just before facing the net when they make contact. I guess this is a leftover from your dancing days.
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