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Exclamation Weird stringer

I don't think this has come up at my work there is a new stringer who's cool and all, but there's a few things that's bugging me. I string for a lot of juniors, and a lot of them 'abuse' their rackets, so to speak, so the bumperguards and grommets are often beat up. the other day, i find out that apparently he "doesn't do bumperguards" so i was left to replace a pure drive myself. then today after putting in a request to management about getting some teflon tubing because so many rackets i see are in real bad shape, he tells me that "we don't do teflon tubing, we string them up as they come".

so i am pretty shocked at his statement. this is a guy that tells me he strung 12hrs straight at tournaments, and yet tells me there no need for using tubing???

how do i approach this?
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