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Originally Posted by Fiji View Post
Good post.

Players that won 3 or more RGs in the open era:

Rafael Nadal 7 2005 2012
Björn Borg 6 1974 1981
Ivan Lendl 3 1984 1987
Mats Wilander 3 1982 1988
Gustavo Kuerten 3 1997 2001

Wilander won his last RG at age 23 - 24th birthday in August.
Kuerten won his last RG at age 24 - 25th birthday in September.
Borg won his last RG at age 25 - one day after turning 25.
Nadal won his last(?) RG at age 26 - eight days after 26th birthday.
Lendl is the only one who won RG past his 27th birthday in 1987. His 27th birthday was in March of that year. He won his last RG title 3 months after turning 27.
Great post Fiji,

Lendl did great winning that last RG. I wasnt watching tennis his days, did he ever had big injuries, ever had to take time off?

The game is much more physical nowadays, I doubt he could do it today.
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