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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
So if Djokovic had won that match would that too have been a fluke? After all, he was playing in the same extreme conditions. Why should they only favour Murray and not him?

<<That's just the way it is, extreme conditions can favor either side, but, generally speaking, they help a huge underdog more often than a big favorite. Say a high powered NFL team with a great passing attack plays against an underdog that has a good running game, and they play in a driving rain storm. Both teams are playing in the same conditions, but common sense says the big favorite is more likely to be impacted negatively. OBVIOUSLY it wouldn't have been a fluke if Nole had won, for the simple reason that he has a track record and was a large favorite. Murray had a track record, too, and it sucked, the first man in history to not win so much as a set in losing 3 Slam finals. As it was, he adapted to the conditions better than Nole did, then had to hold on for dear live to win in 5, with Nole clearly not having the energy in the 5th set after he clawed back from a two set deficit. That, to me, is the epitome of a fluke, a guy who sucks big time in the spotlight, greasing out a narrow victory in unusual conditions. I felt it when I saw Michael Chang pysch out Lendl with underhand(literally, not figuratively) on the way to winning HIS only Slam(followed by bewitching Edberg in the final), and that's the way I felt watching that final with Rat Boy.>>

As for the extra day's rest, Murray had a tough match against Berdych in his semi (in which the conditions probably forced HIM to drop the 1st set) while Djokovic had a stroll in the park (as usual) in his semi against Ferrer (after it initially got cancelled because of the weather). And by the way, Murray was the one who was forced to play a 2 day semi-final against Nadal in 2008 because of the weather and then had only a day to rest before playing a 2 day rested Federer in the final. Did that mean Federer's win was a fluke because he had one more day to rest than Murray did?

<<Once again, you're making an asinine point: Fed was a huge favorite vs Murray then, and would've been even had the rest situations been reversed- just as Nole was a big favorite against Murray last year. You're entitled to think that everything was comme il faut in last year's US Open, and I'm also entitled to think that it was a fluke for the reasons I mentioned.>>

This is the only part of your post that makes any sense!
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