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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Thanks for mentioning what a great champ Kodes was
Coming back to Borg, it is false he wasn' t great on hard just because of his unluckiness at Flushing Meadows
The next two best HC events of that time were Las Vegas and Toronto
In 79 Borg demolished Lendl & Mac in the semis and final of CO
That same year he demolished Connors to win Vegas and in 1980 he outgunned Vitas for another Vegas title
He completely destroyed the 4 best hardcourters of his time in two consecutive yrs
Arguments are all 90% subjective, kiki. If your fave player fail to win a particular tournament, he is lucky. If a player who you don't like fail to win, he was not good enough to win.

Disclaimer : I am no way referring to Borg's hard court proficiency.
There is an artist in Roger Federer who expresses himself best at the Tennis court
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