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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
eh,no , safin would have trouble vs the sampras first serve unless he was absolutely zoned in ala USO 2000 ...... and he's in no way a superior mover to sampras ...

also , while safin was a good passer, unless absolutely zoned in, he wasn't close to the likes of agassi/hewitt/federer/nadal in that dept ...

as far as in-form play is concerned, safin beats sampras on slow HC/clay, sampras easily beats him on grass, edges him out indoors (HC/carpet ) ..... medium-to-fast HC would be a tossup ...
yep...agree with this...people think safin had this mythical standard of tennis tennis as if he could turn on US2000 on no..

you could say the precise same thing about goran vs sampras dept.
better backhands when on...better returner when on etc...

but really..there's a reason pete has 14 and marat ended with 2.

sampras is a superior mover and superior at net..
safin is a good mover for a big man

also..on grass safin would have no chance as he needs traction on the return.

overall i do agree that ..when on...safin will cause issues cause his return style...

I was so annoyed watching safin lose to roddick AO 07. His tactics on the return were soooo wrong. all he needed to do was stand further back and chip it back deep and/or invite andy to come and show off his volley skills...ala the way rafter would chip back returns...but nooo he had to do his andre impression.
So does he have a weakness?
yeah..he can't cook - chang talking bout sampras
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