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Originally Posted by PED View Post
I had it on while on a conference call, the game wasn't as lopsided as the score, Juve, just picked them off sniper style when the bhoys threw caution to the wind in the last 15 minutes.

I hate to to pull against the PL but I'm hoping Real deals out a smack down tomorrow on the "freckled demon" and his teammates tomorrow.
Yes, Juve deserved the win, I just thought 3-0 was a little harsh. Plus I wasn't overly impressed by the Italians... I don't know, when I think of Juventus, I just recall the legends that have played for them in the past (Del Piero, Baggio, Zidane - such geniuses!) and kind of have high expectations... maybe like how people from other countries view Liverpool perhaps?

Really looking forward to Man U VS Real. Will be fascinating to see how it plays out. So much hinges on this, and not least for Jose M. And BTW, would be nice if Rooney could step up to the plate and emphatically deliver on the big stage. Doesn't seem to do it consistently enough for me considering his rep and all the hype. That said, I know full well he can be world class... every now and then.
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