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Originally Posted by Smasher08 View Post
Why would he skip Miami? He's only defending R3 so he could potentially pick up some serious points.
I know! I really wish he'd consult the Brotherhood before he makes rash decisions like this, but alas ...

I'm guessing he figures he's played poorly there the past few years due to it becoming slower than molasses. Or maybe he wants to be fit to defend his Madrid title even as it devolves from noble blue to turgid red.

But, yes, he could pick up a lot of points just by getting to the semis, something he still does so well. And Rafa likely won't be there either. It will be pretty dull if it's just fated to be Nole-Andy from the start. Consider it a prelude to a sad time we can only hope is far and dissociate, when Roger's name no longer appears on draw sheets.
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