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Default Suggestion for Wilson Pro overgrip alternative

I recently purchased a roll 30 Wilson Pro overgrips and noticed they are different than the previous pack I purchased about a year ago. The new one has a different picture of Roger Federer on it.
I have been a fan of the Pro overgrip due to the tack and cushion they provide. However, the recent ones are not as tacky and durability has suffered. I used to get about 6 hours with the old Wilson Pro grip and now I only get about 3 hours before they become dry and worn out. I also noticed when wrapping the grip, the grip wrinkles which didn't happen on the old one which to me means they cheapen the grip.

I have tried the Yonex, Volkl, and Tourna overgrips and feel they are not the same as the Wilson Pro overgrip. Has anyone has tried any of these listed below and if they are comparable or better than the Wilson Pro overgrip?

Kirschbaum Touch IT
Mantis Performa Tac
Pacific X Tack Pro
Technifibre ATP Pro Contact
Technifibre Pro Players
Technifibre Player's Wrap

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