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Originally Posted by Postpre View Post
Is is too much to ask a young player (age 7-10) to be as technically sound as a pro with their serve? Does their lack of strength in the shoulders, core, and legs prevent them from reaching certain reference points on the serve?

I've found it difficult to help my 8 year old son avoid the Waiters Tray error (palm and racket face facing up) on his serve. At first, he tended to bypass the "Trophy" pose and immediately hold the Waiters Tray position. Now, after an adequate Trophy pose, he's dropping the racket to the Waiters Tray position at the beginning of his racket drop, or sometime after the racket drop.

He's holding a continental grip; but he's obviously not successfully holding the racket "edge on" until the last split second (it seems he's pronating too soon). Is this a technical issue that young kids can master, or is it still somewhat a strength issue?

Any tips out there on what one should be "feeling" when going from Trophy pose to the racket drop? I've heard that you want the uncoiling of the body and the powering up of your legs to happen first, and then the racket drop will happen rather naturally. But, will this altogether prevent the Waiters Tray error?

Thanks for any thoughts and suggestions.
I would keep it as simple as possible. Throw a nerf football regularly as a warm-up to perfect the throwing motion. Practice swinging with 2 racquets in his hand or a weighted racquet head to make the swing fluid and full to give him the feel of his ideal motion. Keep the leg bend out of it for now.
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