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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
"Greatest Magic season in a long time"???

We're only a few seasons removed from an NBA Finals appearance, so I have to disagree. I can symphasize with the notion we're headed in the right direction by jettisoning D12, his enormously selfish ego and huge contract. Other than that, I gain no confidence from the "progress" made this year. I fear a culture of defeatism could spring forth from these losing binges...losing begets an expectation that something will always go wrong. It's happening this year...look at the huge rash of injuries as the first example of things going from bad to worse.

All great teams are driven by at least one "straw that stirs the drink". Right now, we've got a lot of drink but no straw. It's gonna be a fine line management and the coaches will walk to keep "the plan" on track if and when we import through the draft or free agency the necessary straw. Until that happens, I expect a lot more losing than winning. Unfortunately, there are a lot more "Dwights" out there than there are "Tims.
I dont see it that way at all. Even with that finals team we had no real plan. It was chuck 3s and rely on Dwight. Now we are building the right way. We have a really great coach in Vaughn. He can keep everyone focused and positive during the losing. We are not going to sign any overpriced FAs and handcuff our salary again. The inuries to guys like Hedo and other vets are fine. They just open up PT for the young guys.

I hope Noel is ok. That guy next to Vuc would be scary. Develop that in 2013 and draft more studs in 14.
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