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Originally Posted by retrograde View Post
Very nice and useful mods. Built in boombox would be unique for sure

Do you have a link for the relays? It sounds like you wired them up into a harness rather than onto a separate board? I'm curious how difficult it was to figure out where to connect the relays to the existing board(s). I've never opened up a SP machine or seen their boards.
It's a standard 12v automotive relay, 2 of the them, something like this.

In this picture you can see them in the lower right. The way it's wired is, start at the big rocker power switch on the panel, it controls two circuits when switched and just run wires off those connections. I made a wiring harness of sorts with plugs so it could be removed and put back to factory specs. The relays just do exactly what that big rocker switch does and the switch on the panel still works too.

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