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Default I have seen the error of my ways.

I strung Ice/Hexy Fiber @48/53 (dropweight) on my MuscleWeave 95, and I foung the Ice to be a much more demanding string than Cyber Flash. But the Ice combo felt really nice when I hit my forhand with proper hip rotation. There's some hope here. Unfortunately, my hitting wrist is getting strained from this, mousing on my computer, and shoveling snow.

I got a new racquet from TW this past week. It's the Biomimetic 200 and it's lighter and really cushy. I have Cyber Flash/Hexy Fiber on this one @50/55. I think it will help me get back to playing faster.
Dunlop MuscleWeave 200G 95, Bosworth/Lendl hybrid pattern - Black Out 1.24 / Hexy Fiber 1.26 @53/53 Alpha Pioneer DC+ dropweight
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