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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I dont see it that way at all. Even with that finals team we had no real plan. It was chuck 3s and rely on Dwight. Now we are building the right way. We have a really great coach in Vaughn. He can keep everyone focused and positive during the losing. We are not going to sign any overpriced FAs and handcuff our salary again. The inuries to guys like Hedo and other vets are fine. They just open up PT for the young guys.

I hope Noel is ok. That guy next to Vuc would be scary. Develop that in 2013 and draft more studs in 14.
I blame the coaching staff for that. Defensively, yeah he gets it done. But you can't rely on him offensively. If anything, he's a liability offensively. Especially back in the Orlando Magic days where he had no moves (he doesn't have much now, but more than before for sure). It was catching the ball way outside the key, not establishing position, then bumrush and mow somebody down. And hope the refs won't call a charge.
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