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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
I blame the coaching staff for that. Defensively, yeah he gets it done. But you can't rely on him offensively. If anything, he's a liability offensively. Especially back in the Orlando Magic days where he had no moves (he doesn't have much now, but more than before for sure). It was catching the ball way outside the key, not establishing position, then bumrush and mow somebody down. And hope the refs won't call a charge.
Yes but if you run it like that he gets mad and pouts. That is the problem. He wants the ball all the time. Orlando catered to this because they expected to see him develop his offensive game each year. They overcatered to him by running a college spread pick and roll offense that would have worked better if he had athletes on the wings who could create off the dribble.

IMO, the best offense would have been balanced more like our 95 team was. That was the best Magic season of all time. We had a PF (Horace Grant)who made the open free throw line J, a 3 point specialist in D Scott, a classic SG who could dribble and drive or shoot 3s in Nick Anderson, and a complete stud at PG in Penny who could do anything. It was a perfect compliment to Shaq.

But the team was built without a good plan around Dwight. Hedo leaves? Lets panic and get Vince Carter. Bad move. Rashard is off PEDs? Thats ok, let's continue to play him down low anyway. It was just a poorly built team with zero roster flexibility.

Its a shame Dwight left, but I watch Nick Vuc and think he could become a better all around C anyway. He will never be an athletic freak who can block everything, but his post moves are super smooth and he can shoot as well. He already set our franchise rebounding record which to me is very impressive.

It is just a really exciting time because we are not going to cater to clowns like Dwight anymore. Let LA deal with it. We want young guys who can be developed by this new staff to stay humble and focused on the team concept. Not everyone will stick, but I think our rep for losing star players will end finally.
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