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Default Champions Tour Gear: Chang & Wilander

Flipped on Tennis Channel while waking up this morning to see Chang playing McEnroe. Chang had been using an APD (or PJ of such) for a while now, but this looked more blacked-out with the old style white logo marks @ 4 & 8. Also, looked more like a thinner, traditional beam (box even?), instead of an aero profile. Perhaps a proto of the '14 Storm / Control replacement? Something else PJ'ed for Babolat? Of course, I may have just been groggy and not seeing right.

Also, they had a montage of backstage clips of the old guys. One showed Wilander, saying he was strung @ 48 mains, 43 crosses. Looked like a thin beamed red frame, but couldn't make out the make or model. He played (and lost to) Courier in the earlier match, which was before I woke up.

It was part of the Powershares Series, this one from Tampa, so it's current.

Anyone see this? Have any insight?

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