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I have all the good things to say about this shoe like anyone else have reply.

But they are 2 things that i really dont like.

1. Its REALLY HIGH to the ground compare to my lovely 2k10's. I catch myself when I was in my tip toes my ankle almost twitching a few times even when the shoe is wide.

2. Its not even summer and yesterday practicing outdoor alone at 89 degrees the shoe was cooking my feet. I havent get that problem neither with Asics resolution 2,Vapors models or 2k10's. I did have problem with every Adidas model though(when I used them from 2005-2009).
Dont know if is cause the airmax outsole is black and attract heat.
I dont play at night so I wont be able to said I will used them on those times.

Did anybody have that problem with the plantar heat? ( I put dr. scholls sport gel insole and that keep other shoes even cooler...not in this case with the Airmax)
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