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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
It's not my fault you're too lazy to look back and see what's been done already. It's like going to a dunk contest and do the same dunk, but with the other hand, and call it and brand new dunk. All the while, the same basic elements remain.

Sure, if you want to define originality as adding/removing a similar color on the small part of the shoe, that is damn near indistinguishable from a distance because the colors and the locations are so similar, while maintaining the same overall color scheme, then be my guest.

And If I am going to draw inspirations from elsewhere and make slight modification to an original design, I'd make a reference to it. Like what I did with one of the Wimbledon designs.

What's the necessity of insulting? I chose those colors because they pleased ME! And are the same colors for my team. Not school btw.

Yo don't have exclusivity and I don't need to ask for your permission or give u credit in any way. I wanted orange and blue in my design. I had a couple of more designs, but those two are the ones I liked the most since white will get dirty way to fast! It's not like there is. trillion ways of customizing options given to us by Nike so that it's unique and original so it passes your Board of Approval
For originality.

Grow up, maybe when you mature up you'll understand that the world doesnt't revolve around you and/or your designs that you post on this forum.

Instead of hating why not just compliment that I did something similar to what you did and comment in a positive way.

Here is an example!

"Oh hey! I like option A/B more, looks cool! I did somthing similar 2 months ago!!"
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