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I'm getting more done on the stringer little by little, and today I was looking at "Linear ball bearing string gripper" mechanism ( It looks like there's a little rust between the inside and outside parts of the griper (like if the two black rectangular parts that physically grip the string are a hotdog and the steel casing is a bun, there is some rust between the hotdog and the bun haha). It seems to be mainly in the track that the ball bearings lay in. I will try to clean it out as best as possible, and I wanted to point it out (btw, pictures can be posted if anyone wants the visual) because the mechanism doesn't seem to hold string automatically like it claims it should. When I lay the string in between the black rectangles (the string gripper), I need to pull the gripper back myself via the ball bearings to feel any gripping happening to the string. If I just lay the string in there and bring the drop weight down, the string is as free to move as it was initially and the string gripper doesn't move via the ball bearings. I see that the link wants me to pull down on the string as the drop weight starts going down and then the gripper will tighten, and I think that more or less happens now. It's hard to tell without actually trying to string a racquet.

My biggest concern, though, is it's ability to grip two strings at once. Since this is how I want to start the mains and the crosses, it needs to be able to do this. When I lay two strings in the string gripper and pull the gripper back to tighten, most of the time the string that lays on the bottom of the other stays fine, but the string that is positioned on top of the other comes out of the gripper almost every time as the drop weight is pulled. Sometimes it's all the way out, sometimes only part of what was in the gripper comes out. Either way, that can not be a good thing. Again, I am not pulling tension through a racquet when I am testing this so I'm hoping it may work correctly when I do have a racquet going and after I clean it out as much as possible.

On a related note, I appreciate the cleaning methods that were posted, they have been a big help. Are there a few key areas/parts that I should 100% definitely look over and clean if necessary? I just don't want to take too much apart if I don't need to, but I also want it to be clean and working to the best of its ability.
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