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Originally Posted by chalkflewup View Post
Rina I totally agree. Copper Bowl or no Copper Bowl my kid still loves tennis. 32 draw or 128 draw, my kid will still be grinding away and loving every minute of it.

We'll deal with the changes or whatever the new world order is once the smoke clears. In the meantime, I have tuned out almost all of the chatter regarding the changes as it is a distraction, repetitive, and exhausting.
Have to agree. For the 1% and future 1% of potential national championship competitors, I see their position. However its mostly the parents who seem bothered. Kids can either play at that level or not. Yea, the WC situation is goofy. Overall it's not going to change the fact a kid loves tennis or not. The changes won't make a difference for college tennis prospects either. Coaches know where the players are, how to find them and where they can go to see them play for scouting purposes.
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