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Default Pro Kennex Silver Ace 90 Ceramic

Hi Everybody,
First post here, been gleening info for some time tho. Lots of obsessed, no, passionate, tennis ppl here

I recently had the good fortune to come across a mint condition Pro Kennex Silver Ace 90 Ceramic. Still unstrung, plastic wrap on handle and all. A beautiful piece of work.

I have seen a few other threads here on this racquet, and they have been very helpful for specs, history etc.

I cannot wait to hit with this, and see how it compares to my BB Legend for softness. I am a recovering TE sufferer.

My question is about the string that came with the racquet. Yes, it include the APW (adjustable peripheral weight) and 2 packages of string, that I am going to assume is just basic nylon.

It is labeled Pro Kennex "Natural Synthetic Tennis String"

Ignoring for the moment the brilliant and oxymoronic nature of a 'natural synthetic', I have to guess this string is as old as the racquet, at least 20 years or so, and I wonder,

Would this string be worth even using any more? or would it have degraded too much sitting over the years in a basement/shed/wherever it was.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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