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What? Is he complaining about a clay-court and/or balls being too fast so that the points are not long enough (for him)?

This must be a joke, right?

Seriously, Nadal should have been born 20 years earlier. Should have had the experience of facing a Krajicek, Ivanisevic, Rosset, Stich, Becker, Arthurs, Forget, Wheaton,....on a very slick and fast grass or many ultra-fast low-bouncing indoor carpets from the 80s and beginning of the 90s.

Players like Muster, Bruguera or even Berasategui (who was awful on very fast and low-bouncing surfaces) had to play on those conditions several times a year, and they tried their best (even Muster and Bruguera had some success sometimes on very fast conditions).

What does Nadal want? He is playing in a very special era. An era where there isn't fast court/balls conditions anymore.

And still he complains about some clay court/ball being too fast?

For Goodness sake....
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