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Originally Posted by ClarkC View Post
There are a couple hundred men's programs, and only 75 get ranked. The #76 DI program will whip any DIII program, and so will the #100 DI program. However, the #180 DI program, which offers no scholarship money and signs 1-star and 2-star recruits, will certainly not beat Emory, Kenyon, etc.

I don't know about every past discussion, but there have certainly been discussions in which junior players were advised that going to the #180 DI program, with no scholarship money available, is some kind of ego trip just so the player (and sometimes his parents) can say that he played DI tennis. The same player will turn up his nose at a mere DIII program, because it is not basking in the glory of being DI. I think those discussions were pretty fair.
I would totally agree with this statement. After a decade of recruiting - it was a sad thing to see families with a illusion that their kiddo was going to play big time D-1 tennis when they needed to be doing what I'd suggest for anyone...if you love tennis and want the opportunity to continue your playing career into college, then look for a team that matches your goals. That will take some work on your part, but the internet is there and all you have to do is search and start making contacts. Look at rosters, look back at those players jr results, look at team schedules to see where they travel to and what they do, contact a higher up team player thru a site (you could contact a player) and inquire about team can educate yourself pretty well...and maybe have some friends before you get there!!! Put yourself in a spot that makes actual sense financially, academically, and athletically for you. If it's important in any of those departments, then don't make a selection that will have you falling short in one of those sections.

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