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Originally Posted by tudwell View Post
If the clay is uneven and unsafe, then he has a point, but he's not doing himself any favors by saying that the court doesn't facilitate long rallies and that people want to see long rallies. That just looks like blatant self-serving bias since Nadal himself prefers slower courts and longer rallies.
That is true. Having said that it would be useful to have the transcript of the whole interview, since it feels very much like some journalist has cut and paste things out of context in that article.

Regardless, Nadal is correct in that the courts are truly in atrocious condition. A bit disappointing considering the level of the tournament!

Originally Posted by Geology_Rocks! View Post
Once a few years ago?

Seriously, if the courts were that horrible the media would be bashing it (they would love it). Fact is the court is playing fast and Ralph doesn't like it.
No, other players have also been complaining. Again look at this picture

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