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Lightbulb Surstromming: For Strength!!!!

Originally Posted by Mike Bulgakov View Post
Opening a can of surströmming is like detonating a nuclear bomb of the most pungent rotting fish on the planet. If done indoors, there will be casualties.
Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post
hahaha. that sounds amazing. i wanna try but i doubt i can get that stuff here in the states.
tennismonkey, I don't know where you live (there's a few Scandanavian specialty shops around here), but maybe try your local IKEA store? I think they sell food items like Swedish meatballs, caviar in a tube, etc. Maybe they'll have surstromming.

Millions of Swedes can't be wrong. Here's a quick 10-second video below of a lovely Swedish maiden after ingesting surstomming:


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