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Originally Posted by jrv View Post
hrm, new account will not let me quote a reply. odd.

The Meat :
the string is not even installed, its still in its little plastic package! was just curious if it was even worth trying to string...might stick it in my old PK Graphite presence for the heck of it.

I will prolly just put a nice soft multi in it and see how it goes. the X-one bi phase in my legend feels pretty good, and as its winter here, gut would be a waste...

Didn't know green names couldn't quote posters.

Anyways, your's came unstrung and in a package??!!!! Every one of my preowned Prokennex 90's were all strung with that white synthetic gut and had a prokennex symbol on them. Might want to hold onto that package and sell it, might be a rare find
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