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World No. 5 Rafael Nadal has come out on Wednesday with some scathing remarks towards the organisers of the Brasil Open, a tournament which is a part of the ATP World Tour 250 Series.

"It is unacceptable that a tournament is held in these conditions. The bounce of the ball is too irregular, the lines are falling off and the balls are far too soft. You can not have any long rallies here."

Nadal followed that up with a critique of the ATP.

"This situation is a consequence of the ATP's lack of worry for the players. These courts are bad for the health of the players and I hope someone will take action against this. The audience wants to see long matches and on these kinds of courts that is impossible without injuries, no?"

When asked about the state of his knee, Nadal was cautiously optimistic.

"My knee feels a bit better today. Of course, it still changes from day to day, some day it's better, some day it's worse. All I can do is see how things go and I hope the injury will not cause me to lose matches I could win."

He assured the Brazilian journalists that his qualms were with the São Paulo tournament only.

"I love playing in Brazil and I am already looking forward to the Olympics in Rio. I just think that this tournament has had some problems with the organisation, but my team and I are going to talk to the organisers and see if it can be fixed."
Yea, I think it's poor that for money the organizers whipe these guys out, tourney after tourney, burned out by 17 with life long injuries.

I wish they'd speed up the courts just a bit so we can see a blend of quicker serve and volley combined with baseline play, I think everyone would be happy with that, but money will always override any other concerns
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